About HeartIn

Founded in 2014 in Miami, Florida, HeartIn Inc. is constantly driving innovations forward, aiming to accelerate the development of telemedicine and remote cardiology in particular. After more than 9 years since the initiation of the idea, dozens of various prototypes and continuous development, HeartIn is ready to present its product – the future of remote cardiac assessment, which is available already today.

According to WHO, more than 10 000 000 people die every year due to cardiovascular diseases. What is even more shocking, 80% of these deaths could have been prevented. We  live in a busy world, and it’s often hard to convince yourself to visit a hospital without actual need. Our goal is to provide people with an easy-to-use tool for medical grade accuracy heart monitoring, which can be performed anywhere.

2014. The story begins…

HeartIn starts developing its first product, a portable 12 lead ECG. After the number of clinical trials, the device is validated and the sales process begins.

Despite the high accuracy and relative simplicity, the product was not a perfect fit for end-consumers. Attaching electrodes to the body takes just a few minutes, but it still requires certain attention and right placement.

We aimed to develop a convenient solution, which can be used by everyone, from child to senior, but it appeared to be too complicated.

Giving up is too easy. We moved further…

2015. New Vision.

The next idea was to build a bracelet-like ECG monitor, different from all fitness trackers ever existed. Unlike others, HeartIn focused

You may still find a lot of similar solutions on the market. Most of them are cheap, convenient and easy-to-use, however, they do not fulfill the main requirement — constant heart monitoring.

With such a product you can only perform an interval monitoring, at the point of time you think it is necessary, which, unfortunately, does not guarantee you are healthy. Furthermore, the data sample collected during such monitoring is relatively small and it can be taken only during a resting state, thus, the measurements may not fully describe the real situation.

We did not want to focus on “almost” good solution, and this is why our journey continued…

2017. HeartIn Fit. Final destination.

In HeartIn, we never take mistakes for granted. Instead, we constantly learn from them and improve what can be improved.

Here is it, an improved fully rethought solution, a smart t-shirt capable of collecting your ECG data, determining the level of stress and fatigue of the body with a further AI-based diagnostics.

HeartIn is in a class of its own with its stunning balance of superior functionality as well as utmost quality and comfort.

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The future of remote cardiac assessment, available already today