Let’s partner!

HeartIn’s journey has just begun, and there many exciting moments lying ahead. We ask you to share these beautiful moments with us by supporting our everyday actions in reaching global goals. In HeartIn, we believe that the only future of medicine is telemedicine. If you think the same way, there is certainly a touchpoint at which we could unite and move further together.

Keep in mind that HeartIn is not just a concept. It is a market-ready product with a proved technology and years of testing behind. Besides this, HeartIn has a lot more to offer: our R&D facilities are capable of developing additional functions and features to provide tailor-made offers for any kind of businesses. Just state your requirements, and we will develop a detailed proposal for you.

Who we are looking for?

Medical Sector

We seek partnership with all kinds of medical organizations, willing to implement new technologies for remote cardiac assessment in their current working structure. Whether you are looking for the complementary equipment or want to replace the classic ECG in your hospital, HeartIn can be of help.

Corporate Wellness

Increase employees productivity by promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports! Besides the sports activity reports, HeartIn t-shirt will also provide you with insights on employee’s emotional state and prevent him/her from failing important tasks.

Sports Sector

Whether you own a gym or manage a sports team, it is important to ensure people train safely under your supervision. HeartIn provides you with a possibility to let them train with a maximum utility and lowest harm for the heart, properly allocating the load and preventing heart failures.

Occupational Health

Monitor the health parameters of your employees at work. Measure the level of stress, fatigue of the body and prevent heart-related abnormalities. See the workload each employee has, decide who should have some rest or take a day-off.

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