Frequently Asked Questions

Is this something that I can wear all day and is it worth taking readings from both walking as well as sitting around?

Yes, you can definitely wear it all day! It will provide valuable information both during workouts and during recovery as well. The app will interpret the results for you and will display them in an easy to understand format.

How different is your ECG compared to bigger brands like MOOV HR ECG?

MOOV HR ECG is “ECG grade” blood perfusion sensor, which indirectly measures heart rate. 3rd party publications say that indirect heart rate monitoring could be 70% correct. Heartln is ECG/EKG measuring device. ECG/EKG method is 99.9% correct in measuring the heart rate. MOOV HR ECG can measure the TRIMP only but Heartln measures heart rate variability (the source to calculate the time you can work effectively, the time points to have a rest and restart your activity, level of psychological stress), and can detect different kinds of heart rhythm irregularities and alarm about dangers in real time.

How to choose the size of a t-shirt?

After you press the “BUY NOW” button and we receive your payment, you will get a form with questions to choose the size as precise as possible. HeartIn is not just a regular t-shirt, that is why it requires a certain attention to size choice. But don’t worry, this is a fast procedure and we are always keen to help you with this.

How frequent do you foresee the mobile app be updated to incorporate further details or smooth out any bugs?

Applications are self-learning and are updated as new data becomes available or when errors are detected.

Are you planning to implement integration with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit in future?

The Healthkit integration for HeartIn is completed. Google fit is in progress.

How tight does the shirt need to be to get a good reading?

The most critical part of the body that needs to be in constant contact with the reading devices of HeartIn is the bicep area where the device clips on. That area is definitely designed to fit snuggly to help make sure there is contact. Secondarily, the chest and upper back should be as a close a fit as possible.

How sweat/water resistant is the ECG device?

It could be used in all circumstances except pool and open water.

What is the difference between the 1 lead and 12 lead ECG - how much more information are you going to get?

The difference between the 1 lead ECG and 12 lead ECG won’t have a dramatic impact on what information you can glean about your athletic performance itself since 1 lead is sufficient for a lot of the analytics we planning to provide. What 12 lead does bring to the table is a much more in-depth overall ECG signal which doctors and cardiologists may be willing to look at to glean insights given its similar accuracy to the devices they are used to working. As such, the 12 lead ECG offering is really designed for people who want that extra layer of accuracy across the board and who may want to share HeartIn data with their doctor.

I'm worried that the shirt will not be tight enough around my bicep to measure the ECG signal.

Tightness around the biceps does not affect the measurements because it is not the place of electrodes.

Can I leave my phone in the locker while I do my workouts?

The data is analyzed remotely (to maximize the quality of analysis), and because of that, the use in this version is possible only if you have a phone in the range of the device.

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