HeartIn Fit

HeartIn Fit

Medical grade monitoring + professional workout features

Smart garment, revolutionizing the training process

It is good to have a personal coach with years of experience, aware of the best approaches and practices. But does this coach know which exercise fits best for your body? Are you sure the way you train is good for your health?

Meet HeartIn Fit, a smart ECG t-shirt, monitoring your health condition before, during and after the training session. With a help of HeartIn, you will know for sure when to start and when to rest, how to train with a maximum utility and the lowest harm for your heart.

HeartIn Fit is your foray into a new level of athletic performance! Train safe. Train smart!

Technology behind

Convenient monitoring everytime and everywhere

All the magic is hidden beneath. HeartIn Fit smart garment is equipped with two built-in textile nanoelectrodes, placed at the inner part of the t-shirt at the chest level. These electrodes, as well as the t-shirt itself, are made of soft hypoallergic fabric, which does not cause irritations and is comfortable to wear all day long. Also, you do not have to attach stickers, plug in cables or shave your chest — just wear the t-shirt and start the monitoring process. When you finish the monitoring, don’t be afraid of putting HeartIn Fit into the washing machine: it is a durable t-shirt that survives more than 150 washes!

Smallest ECG available on the market today.

All you have to do is just press a button and attach the device to your t-shirt, using clamps. It will connect to your smartphone automatically via Bluetooth, and you can start the monitoring right from the HeartIn mobile application.
HeartIn ECG collects the data, recorded by textile electrodes, and sends this data to the app, where it is being analyzed by the AI algorithm.

Why HeartIn Fit is special?

Ultra Comfortable

No cables, no wires. Looks and feels like any other t-shirt.

Automated Data Analysis

A personal doctor right in your pocket.

Ultra Precise

Medical grade accuracy combined with professional workout features.

Machine Washable

Durability is a top priority. Up to 150 washes.

12 h battery life

Enough even for a tough workout session.

Sweat Wicking

Let your body breath even during the hardest push.

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